Office of the Registrar

The University of Mary Office of the Registrar supports students in achieving their educational goals. This is done primarily through scheduling, registration, recordkeeping and reporting academic information.


The registrar’s office created this page to provide a variety of links to forms and websites that can be helpful whether you are a high school student or U-Mary student about to graduate, transfer student or service member/veteran, parent or helpful family member.


If you have questions, please contact the office at 701-355-8080 or
Office hours are Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Academic Policies


There are a variety of academic policies that can put student in contact with the Office of the Registrar, including:


·          Current Academic Year Catalog – this publication details valuable information including course descriptions and major requirements.

·          Grade Forgiveness – known as “academic amnesty,” the university has a policy in place that a student can request a grade of “D” or “F” be dropped.

·          Military Deployment – students called to active duty need to promptly notify the university of the situation and be aware of their options.

·          FERPA Release Form – the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects the privacy of a student’s educational records. Students and parents should make themselves informed of this law. The release form can be found under the Student tab, Academic Information, then Academic Policies & Forms.

Policies for Testing


Policies for Testing

The University of Mary offers students several options to “test out” of classes and earn credit for their knowledge:

  • AP Exams
  • CLEP
  • DSST

For details on which tests are accepted, minimum score requirements, and transfer equivalencies, see the Transfer Credit section of the Registrar homepage ( 

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International Student Admission

The University of Mary welcomes applications from international students. Please see the information pertinent to international student admission in the current UMary catalog, available at

Academic Forms

Use this form when requesting a Late drop or withdrawal (any exit from a course outside the designated period for that action), or when requesting an Admin drop or withdrawal (any removal from a course without the student's written consent).

(.pdf, 269K)

Before completing this form, review the Academic Amnesty policy found under the Academic Life - General Policies section of the Academic Catalog, to determine if you are eligible to apply for amnesty.

(.docx, 31K)

Other Useful Links

Other links that students, parents, and alumni might find useful include:

U-Mary Deployment and Veterans Information

The University of Mary is proud to help veterans advance their careers after serving our country and is a full participant in the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill Yellow Ribbon Program.

Deployment Policy

A student who is called to active military duty should promptly notify the Office of the Registrar (written or orally) of his or her military orders, including the departure date, to begin the withdrawal process.
If the student withdraws before 75 percent of the semester has elapsed, the student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees without credit or grades being posted. A grade of “W” will be recorded on the student’s transcript. If the student withdraws after 75 percent of the semester has elapsed, the student will receive full credit with grades earned at the time of withdrawal.

If a course relies on a final project and/or examination to determine satisfactory performance, no credit will be granted until all required work is completed. Students taking online courses may continue to be enrolled in those classes if it is possible and Internet is accessible. Students wanting to complete their courses via independent study may do so with the consent of the instructor(s). Students living in residence halls and / or with a meal contract will be refunded all remaining room and board costs. The University will comply with the HEROES Act of 2003 to ensure that service members who are receiving federal student aid are not adversely affected because of their military status.
The following links may be helpful to veterans:



·         Financial assistance: military/veterans information


The U-Mary certifying official for veterans benefits is Laura Murphy in the Office for Military Student Services. She can be contacted at