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Submit online support requests at the link below

For phone support in addition to online ticketing access, please use the following phone numbers:

On campus extension:   8898

Local Number is: 701-355-3711

Toll Free:   877-736-2577

Submit online project requests for the University of Mary Marketing department at the link below:

Services provided through the Office of Physical Plant are administered through the Work Order (WO) process. Services provided through the WO process include extraordinary custodial needs, maintenance requests, office moves, etc. If in doubt, submit a WO.

Submitting a WO allows for the need to be reviewed by Physical Plant supervision and ensures that it is reviewed, prioritized, and assigned to the correct individuals. Please submit WO’s as early as possible for future needs to help ensure that the Physical Plant supervision can plan to most efficiently serve the entire campus community. WO’s are submitted at the following website:

In addition to submitting a WO, please call the Office of Physical Plant at 355-8310 for any emergency maintenance request. Physical Plant Supervision will ensure that emergency maintenance requests are addressed as soon as possible 24/7/365. Emergency maintenance requests are issues that are an immediate threat to people or buildings such as sparking, uncontrollable water leakage, no heat in a building, etc.

The Office of Physical Plant is staffed from Monday-Friday 7am to 3:30pm. If additional explanation or discussion is needed on a WO that has been submitted, or for general questions, please contact the Office of Physical Plant at 355-8310. Contacting 355-8310 rather than specific individuals in the Physical Plant department will help ensure your needs are routed to the appropriate individual for a timely response.

Exceptions to the work order process include:
• Custodial, mail, and print shop services are provided on a daily basis (Monday-Friday) and are not managed through the work order process.
• Project requests are not administered through the work order process. Capital projects are reviewed and approved by the Facilities and Space Committee as part of the University Budget Process. Please consult with the Director of Physical Plant on all capital requests that have the potential to impact University facilities or infrastructure.


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Weekly Scheduled Maintenance Period

Starts: Friday 10pm - Ends: Saturday 4 am

As part of our commitment to provide exceptional reliability and service to our community, the University performs regularly scheduled weekly maintenance. This process insures that all of our systems (Hardware and Software) are able to provide maximum up time during normal business hours. We regret any inconvenience the scheduled maintenance activities may cause to our users. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Technical Support Team:

Start Date:
Friday Start Time: 10:00 PM
End Date: Saturday End Time: 4:00 AM

What is affected: All systems may be affected in this scheduled maintenance window.

Locations: All Locations may be affected in this scheduled maintenance window.
Tuesdays - Automatic Windows Software Updates

Microsoft will automatically install Windows enhancements and security patches on end-user computers on Tuesday of each week if updates are available.
Hourly Automatic Anti-Virus Software Updates

Anti-virus software will be updated hourly throughout the day as needed.