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This form is intended to be submitted to Academic Affairs Council or Graduate Council for a curricular amendment.  It is not intended to be used to change an individual student’s major, minor, or concentration.

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Submit the following curricular changes on this form:

  • Changing the level of a course 
  • Increasing or decreasing the number of credits for an existing course
  • Change in pre-requisites/co-requisites impacting more than one school
  • Change in frequency of when a course is offered if impacting more than one school 
  • Eliminating a course
  • Reinstating a course
  • Eliminating an entire major, minor, concentration, or certificate
  • Change in program outcomes
  • Other curricular changes that will significantly impact a school’s resources/programs/operations
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Use this form for:

  • Course number changes within the same level
  • Change in pre-requisites or co-requisites (if changes do not impact more than one school)
  • Requests to cross-list existing courses
  • Change in description of the course to update it with current practices or terminology
  • Change in course name based upon changes in current practices or terminology; course remains the same
  • Change in term offered if impacting students in other programs/schools
  • Requesting that an existing course become repeatable for credit
  • Non-substantive changes to a curricular policy 
  • Other non-substantive changes as authorized by Council Chair
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