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University Policies

Academic Freedom Statement (.pdf, 1912K)
Academic Honor Code and Honor System (.pdf, 155K)
Alcohol Policy (.pdf, 116K)
Alcohol Reimbursement Policy (.pdf, 177K)
Amendments to General University Policies (.pdf, 46K)
Annunciation Monastery Property and Grounds (.pdf, 63K)
Appropriate Relationships (.pdf, 346K)
Campus Security Report (.pdf, 171K)
Communication of Official University Business (.pdf, 254K)
Compensation for Weather-Related Closures (.pdf, 92K)
Conduct Grievance Board and Procedure (.pdf, 167K)
Conduct Grievance Procedure Complaint Form (.pdf, 410K)
Copyright Infringement Policy (.pdf, 459K)
Disability-related Accommodations for Visitors Policy (.pdf, 6K)
Discrimination and Harassment Policy (.pdf, 268K)
Drug Free Schools Policy (.pdf, 290K)
Drug Free Workplace (.pdf, 333K)
Fair Treatment Policy Employees (.pdf, 127K)
Fundraising (.pdf, 158K)
General Grievance Policy for Students (.pdf, 123K)
Gift Certificate and Gift Card Policy (.pdf, 322K)
Governance and Organizational Structure (.pdf, 1073K)
Hazing (.pdf, 55K)
Hiring for Mission (.pdf, 453K)
Hiring for Mission: Adjunct & Part-time Teaching Faculty (.pdf, 446K)
Identity Theft Red Flag Policy (.pdf, 87K)
Inclement Weather Policy (.pdf, 144K)
Infant Friendly Resources Policy (.pdf, 14K)
Information Technology Acceptable Use Policies (.pdf, 356K)
Information Technology Asset Management Policy for Equipment and Software (.pdf, 120K)
Institutional Review Board - Human and Animal Research (.pdf, 401K)
Liturgy and Prayer (.pdf, 112K)
Marketing and Advertisement Policy (.pdf, 271K)
Non-Discrimination Statement (.pdf, 192K)
Parking Services and Traffic Safety (.pdf, 402K)
Plan for Success (.pdf, 185K)
Policy Enforcement (.pdf, 179K)
Policy on Excused Absences for Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Participation (.pdf, 73K)
Posting Policy (.pdf, 428K)
Retaliation (.pdf, 60K)
Rome Program Cancellation Policy (.pdf, 309K)
Sexual Misconduct Policy (.pdf, 69K)
Service and Assistance Animals Policy (.pdf, 78K)
Student Health Clinic (.pdf, 236K)
Student Records (.pdf, 284K)
Title IX Policy (.pdf, 25K)
Tobacco Policy (.pdf, 292K)
Weapons Policy (.pdf, 358K)
Whistleblower (.pdf, 64K)
Academic and Graduate Council Forms
Academic and Graduate Council Policies and Procedures Handbook (.pdf, 542K)
Proposal for Creating or Eliminating a New Academic Program (.docx, 17K)
Expedited Review Form (.docx, 16K)
Proposal for a New Course (.docx, 17K)
Proposal to Change an Existing Course or Program (.docx, 20K)
HLC Assumed Practices Checklist (For New Programs) (.docx, 15K)
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