Residence Hall Information

The Residence Life program at the University of Mary strives to create a balance that translates into a fantastic college experience for all students. This balance includes fun, academics, involvement, leadership, support, challenge, and outreach. Living on campus can improve your grades, help you make friends, and improve your overall quality of life while in college. This section contains what you would need for information about our residence halls and living on campus in the summer.


Summer Housing

The 2012 Summer Residence Life Program for U-Mary students will be located in Boyle Hall where all student residences are three-bedroom, apartment-style suites with a full kitchen; a living room (with a unit air conditioner); one full bath (with bathtub/shower combination) and another 3/4 bath (with shower). Each suite is furnished with beds, mattresses, desks, bedroom chairs, chest of drawers, a table, a dining table, six dining chairs, stove, refrigerator and a microwave oven. Each bedroom is designed and furnished for double occupancy. However, students may request a single room at a higher rate (see fee information). On the lower level of the building, there is a laundry room with free washers and dryers. Each residence offers high speed internet and cable TV. Local phone service is provided at no additional charge (a calling card is required for long distance calls). Each individual student residence will be designated as either a men’s residence or a women’s residence. The university does not have family-style housing available.


1.    The student’s account with the university must be current at the time of application and at the time of placement; and

2.    The student must have submitted an application for financial aid (FAFSA); and

3.    The student’s conduct level must be at or below Level 3 ; and

4.    The student must meet one of the following conditions :

a.    He/she must be enrolled in a class at the University of Mary during the 2012 Summer Term (either an on-campus course or an on-line course), or

b.    He/she must have been enrolled at the University of Mary for the entire 2012 Spring Term and also be pre-registered at the university for the 2012 Fall Semester, or

c.    He/she must be employed by the University of Mary during the 2012 Summer Semester (student employees must have Federal Work Study paperwork completed at the time of application).

Residence Halls

Student Handbook

This is an ever-changing and evolving document. We in Student Development do our best to update our policies and procedures to best meet the needs of all residents and students. To stay up to date, please review this important document.
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Residence Life Forms

To access the latest Residence Life Essentials - Residence Life Checklist, click here.


After being away all summer, you might be a little fuzzy on what it means to live back on campus! Review this document for a refresher on how to have a successful year on campus.

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Lofts are available to rent from the University of Mary to use in the traditional residence hall rooms. The areas include North Hall, Boniface Hall, Boniface West, Roers Hall, Saint Joseph and Saint Scholastica Halls. Lofts are not permitted in Greg Butler or Hillside Hall, as the loft blocks closet or entrance doors into the room. Personally constructed lofts are prohibited. Raised platform floors or other physical space alterations are not allowed in any of the residence halls or apartments.

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Bed bunking is available from the University of Mary to be utilized in all the residence hall rooms. As a friendly reminder bed bunking is a mutual request among roommates.

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As part of our Benedictine mission of hospitality, we do invite guests to stay on campus. In order to be respectful to the residential community, we do have some restrictions in terms of guests. Please review this form for more information. To start the process of having a guest, talk to an RA or RD and complete this form.

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Students who would like to cancel their residence life agreement with the university before the term of the agreement expires should familiarize themselves with the policy for cancellation in the agreement. Penalties may apply. Requests for cancellation should be submitted using the Request Early Cancellation of Residence Life Agreement form.

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A traditional undergraduate student under the age of 21, is required to live on-campus for a minimum of five consecutive semesters (summer session may be included in the total) or until the semester after the student reaches his/her 21st birthday. Any exception to this policy must be approve in advance by the vice president for student development.

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