Residence Life Policies


The Student Handbook 2020 explains policies for all on campus students at the University of Mary.
The University of Mary Residence Life program is a co-curricular educational program that is an integral part of the university’s educational and religious mission. The purpose of the program is to facilitate development of character and leadership skills of individual student residents while teaching the students about the balance of personal freedom with responsibility to community. This is accomplished by encouraging student residents placed in the program to take part in forming a residential community of students where personal behavior is consistent with Christian/Catholic moral principles, virtues and the Benedictine values is encouraged through activities and policies.  
The policies contained in this section have special applicability to on-campus student residences. They are applicable to residents as well as to all visitors. Policies contained in the other sections of the Community Standards for Student also apply to all residents and visitors. Residents are also responsible for all terms and conditions signed with the university. Any violation of the Residence Life Agreement is considered a violation of the University of Mary Community Standards for Students. Violators are subject to student conduct action as stipulated.