Kyle M. Darras, FNP-C 

Ms. Darras is a University of Mary alumnus having earned both a B.S. (1996) and a M.S. (2001) in nursing at the university. Prior to joining CHI St. Alexius Health, she has worked as a nurse practitioner  in the areas of ear, nose, and throat; cancer treatment; and occupational health. In her role at the CHI St. Alexius Health University of Mary Clinic, she is passionate about helping students learn about wellness in order to help them make healthy life choices. As a nurse practitioner, Ms. Darras is qualified to provide office medical care including diagnosis, treatment, and prescription services. As an employee of CHI St. Alexius Health, she is able to provide students with easy and fast access to services and specialists.

Health PRO TEAM 

The Health PRO (Peers Reaching Out) Team is a group of 10 student leaders selected to complete a certified peer education training program in order to provide health and wellness education programs to University of Mary students on a peer-to-peer level. The program is jointly sponsored by the University of Mary and CHI St. Alexius Health. Two positions on the Health PRO Team are reserved for first- year students.

Throughout the year, Health PRO team members: 

  • Are available to make presentations to classes and groups on a wide variety of health and wellness topics:
    • Sexual assault
    • Alcohol jeopardy
    • Depression bingo
    • Breast cancer awareness
    • Testicular cancer awareness
    • Stress and time management
    • STI jeopardy
    • Smoking cessation
    • Shoo the flu
    • Healthy eating
    • Exercise/residence hall room workout
  • Sponsor a variety of events on campus, including National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Shoo the Flu, National Depression Screening Day, and Healthy Sleep Habits Awareness.
  • Publish “Toilet Talk,” a health education newsletter that is posted in bathrooms across the campus.
  • Send birthday cards to all students when they turn 21 reminding them to celebrate responsibly.
  • Are available to talk with students about individual health and wellness concerns and answer questions. 

If you are interested in joining the Health PRO Team, please call the Student Health Clinic at 701-530-3670 or e-mail