Message from the Director of Career Services

Kevin Allan, M.S., LPC, NCC

Director of Career and Testing Services

Have you started making plans about your future? Well, now is the time!
We can help you with the age-old questions, "What are you going to major in?" or, "What are you going to be when you grow up?"

It doesn't matter what year you are in school. At every step of the way, you can be doing many valuable things to prepare yourself for your transition into the world of work or graduate/professional school. The  Career Roadmap was designed specifically for the purpose of providing a blueprint for students of things to do each year while in school to be successful.

It's important because, each year, more than 100 employers actively recruit University of Mary students by attending career fairs, information sessions, on-campus interviews, post openings on the career services website, classroom presentations, and other events.

Employers are impressed with University of Mary graduates because of their strong academic background, leadership skills, and commitment to community service.

Career and Testing Services is here to help you with all aspects of your career development -- from exploring career options to securing a job or graduate school placement.

We have many tools and resources which can make your career planning not only a success but a positive and rewarding experience. These resources focus on self exploration and personal assessment, major exploration, occupational research, salary surveys, employer research, market and labor analysis, and graduate/professional school research.

Remember the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. Explore your options here online or stop in and visit with our staff at our offices at Benedictine Center Lower Level 603A (701-355-8050).