UMTFO Officers and Faculty Council Representatives

Dr. David Echelbarger, President, Phone: 355-8057, Email:
Dr. Leroy Huizenga, Past President, Phone: 355-8324, Email:
Dr. Becky Meidinger, Secretary, Phone: 355-8099, Email:
Dr. Joanne Lassiter, School of Health Sciences Representative, Phone: 355-8379, Email: 
Dr. Kristi Bitz, School of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Phone: 355-8141, Email:
Dr. Renaud Gauthier, School of Arts and Sciences Representative, Phone: 355-3728, Email: 
Dr. Kevin Fishbeck, School of Business Representative, Phone: 355-8056, Email: 
Dr. Lark Welch, At-Large Representative, Phone: 355-8101, Email: