UMTFO Officers and Faculty Council Representatives

Dr. David Echelbarger, President, Phone: 355-8057, Email:
Dr. Leroy Huizenga, Past President, Phone: 355-8324, Email:
Dr. Becky Meidinger, Secretary, Phone: 355-8099, Email:
Dr. Joanne Lassiter, School of Health Sciences Representative, Phone: 355-8379, Email: 
Dr. Kristi Bitz, School of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Phone: 355-8141, Email:
Dr. Renaud Gauthier, School of Arts and Sciences Representative, Phone: 355-3728, Email: 
Dr. Kevin Fishbeck, School of Business Representative, Phone: 355-8056, Email: 
Dr. Lark Welch, At-Large Representative, Phone: 355-8101, Email:

UMTFO Document Archive

This group contains UMTFO documents including things such as minutes of meetings and so forth.  Please feel free to browse at your leisure.  If you find an error that needs to be corrected please contact Becky Meidinger at so it may be fixed.
Documents from previous academic years may be found in the left navigation bar.

Current Academic Year UMTFO Agendas

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