Document Viewer Improved

Canvas's New Document Viewer.  June, 2017

Canvas has deployed a new native-Canvas tool for viewing and annotating documents over the next several weeks. This tool will replace the Box and Crocodoc tools that have powered document-viewing and -annotating features in Canvas to this point.

The new Canvas document viewer and annotation tool will:

  • Support all of the document types now supported by Box/Crocodoc in Canvas
  • Provide all existing annotation options in SpeedGrader, and more
  • Be available anywhere users currently see Box or Crocodoc previews in Canvas
  • Allow for a seamless integration, with a modern User Interface that looks and feels like Canvas

The transition from Box/Crocodoc to the new native-Canvas tool will be seamless for you. Documents already rendered and/or annotated using Box/Crocodoc will be available for you to view as normal in the new tool. Students will not see a change. This is a good development for UMary....

Canvas Guide for new Docviewer

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please contact me directly.


Brandon Holt
Director of Instructional Support and Design

701 355-8196


Turnitin/Canvas Update

Turnitin has released a major product upgrade that will integrate with Canvas on January 1, 2017. The change will affect how faculty and students will use online originality checking and online grading of electronically submitted assignments in Canvas.

Three Important Items for Instructors & Course Designers:


1. The way to create a Turnitin-enable assignment in Canvas is changed; the previous method will NOT work.


2. Master Courses and Previous Courses that make use of Turnitin Assignments will need to be updated if any content is copied forward.


3. Turnitin Assignments can NOT be tested from Student View. An error message will generate.



Additional Changes:

Turnitin's new integration introduces some changes to the way assignments are handled. Currently, Turnitin's settings allow you to prevent resubmission of assignments, or permit resubmissions up to the due date. There is no option to resubmit after the due date. This means that if students need to submit after the due date, you need to delete their original assignment in the embedded Turnitin tool. 

Other limitations exist as well:

  • You cannot use Turnitin with group assignments.
  • Turnitin assignments cannot include more than one submission date; differentiated due dates are not supported.
  • You cannot restrict student submission types. By default, Turnitin always allows students to submit their assignment as a text entry or upload any supported file types. Turnitin does not allow students to submit unsupported file types. For a list of supported file types, see Submit a Turnitin Assignment.
  • Students cannot submit multiple file uploads.
  • If you want to use a Canvas rubric for the assignment, you must add the rubric before setting the External Tool submission type. Create the assignment with any other submission type, save the assignment, add the rubric, and then edit the assignment and convert the assignment type to use an external tool. To show the rubric to students, you will need to link to it as a file or Canvas page.
  • If you want your assignment to be moderated or peer reviewed, you must set up the moderated or peer review part of the  assignment before setting the External Tool submission type. If you need to return to the moderate page after the External Tool is added, open the assignment and add /moderate after the assignment URL.


Canvas/Turnitin Comparison Document


For Instructors:

How do I create a Turnitin assignment?--Instructor

How do I change default Turnitin settings for an assignment?--Instructor

How do I grade a Turnitin assignment in Speedgrader--Instructor


See Short Video Tutorials regarding the Turnitin Changes--Instructor


For Students


How do I submit a Turnitin assignment (Illustrated)--Student

How do I submit a Turnitin assignment (Video 3 1/2 min)--Student

How do I view Turnitin results for my assignment submission--Student

How do I view assignment comments--Student




New Look for Canvas



UMary Canvas Online Learning System is updating its "Dashboard" and "Global Navigation" menus. The Course Navigation menu also collapses on smaller screens, allowing for a more content-focused and responsive layout. It will unify the Canvas look across computer, tablet, and smart phone screens.

The primary difference is that the top navigation links have been moved to the left side of screen. Much of the individual course content areas will remain the same.

Please note the logout link (6) is now under Accounts.  The View Grades link (7) is on the right side of screen


 See  the image below to learn more.



New Canvas User Interface--Students (7 minutes)




200 - Canvas Overview for Students from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Click white arrows in lower right corner to go full screen.

Canvas New User Interface--Instructors (6 minutes)




500 - Canvas Interface Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Click white arrows in lower right corner to go full screen.

Canvas Instructor Tour

Update User Settings & Profile

111 - User Settings & Profile Picture from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Click white arrows in lower right corner to go full screen.

Set your Notification Preferences

112 - Notification Preferences from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Click white arrows in lower right corner to go full screen.


UMary's Online Learning Management System is Canvas   

Canvas is an exciting new environment for teaching and learning

Canvas is a modern tool with a great user interface, which will allow both faculty and students to do exciting new work in their course web sites. Think fewer clicks, seamless audio and video tools, flexible notifications and new ways of interacting and communicating. Re-think teaching and learning with technology! 

*Simple to use – intuitive design and layout
*A powerful tool – that doesn’t get in your way
*Communication with and between learners is easy with video and audio tools
*Fast and reliable
*Mobile friendly