Maintenance Requests

Non-emergency request



Examples of routine, non-emergency maintenance requests include such things as a light bulb that needs to be replaced, a washer or dryer that is not operating, cable TV is not operating, something that needs to be cleaned, etc.




1.      Students should make a report using the Campus Maintenance Work Order Request.

2.       Fill out the pertinent information on the form and be specific as to issues, location, etc.

3.       All reports should be “routine.” If you believe your request is urgent or an emergency, please contact a member of residence life staff at (701) 425-5242.

4.       Submit the request.


If any service request has not been resolved within three business days, please contact Residence Life by email at


Emergency request


Some maintenance problems are urgent and residents should immediately report this type of problem to either director of physical plant at extension #8123 (during business hours) or to a member of the residence life staff. After hours and on weekends, residents should report emergency maintenance problems to a member of the residence life staff at any time of the day or night by calling (701) 425-5242. Examples of emergency maintenance needs that should be reported immediately include: any problem that endangers public safety, any problem that if not addressed immediately has the potential to cause damage to the building or its furnishings, water leaks, no heat, no electricity, someone trapped in an elevator, etc.


If you have any issues in your room or anywhere on campus, you can submit a maintenance request right Campus Maintenance Request .