Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mcard?

The Mcard is the University of Mary’s official photo identification card for students, faculty, and staff. It has a person’s name and picture, and a magnetically encoded stripe that contains their university identification number. The Mcard is good for the entire time an individual is affiliated with the University of Mary.


Where Do I Get My Mcard?

The Student Development Office located on the main level of the Benedictine Center, Room 1503.


Can Anyone Get a Mcard?

The Mcard is a required form of identification for all students, faculty, and staff at the University of Mary.


Where is the Mcard Used?

The MCard is used on campus at all retail locations and the Welder Library. It can also be used off-campus at participating libraries and for discounts at participating retail locations.


What do I do if My Mcard or it is Lost, Stolen, or Breaks?

A lost or stolen Mcard has to be reported immediately to the Student Development Office. You are responsible for any transactions made on your card until it is reported. However, upon reporting the issue, your card will be held in a lost-denied status until you report it found or get a replacement card. A broken, lost, or stolen card has to be replaced and the replacement fee is $10. Your ID number will not change nor will any balance that you had up until the time you report it lost, stolen, or broken. The old card, if found, is not valid because of a computerized numbering system.


Why has My Mcard Been Electronically Held by the Student Development Office?

If your Mcard has been held, and it is not because you reported it lost or stolen, please call the Mcard office, 355-8265 for more information.


How am I Able to use the Mcard as a Debit Card?

You can use your Mcard as a debit card by filling out an “Account Agreement” form at the Business office and depositing at least $25 into your account. This form should be read carefully and you should save your copy. Deposits, in increments of $25, can be made into your account by using cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). These funds are commonly called “Universal Bucks". The Mcard cannot be used as a credit card—money must be deposited in your account before it can be used.


Will My Debit Card Balance Expire?

No, the money carries forward as long as you are enrolled or employed at the University of Mary.


Is the Mcard “Debit Card” Balance Refundable?

Yes, the monies are refundable. To obtain a refund, you will need to fill out a form called the “Request for Refund” form. Your remaining amount if over $1.00 will be refunded in the form of a check. Please remember to check your balance before you graduate or when you leave or withdraw from the university.


If I Have a Meal Plan, How Does it Work with the Mcard?

Your MCard serves as your way to get meals on campus in our dining services. To review all meal plans, please visit our Dining Services Website.


What are Marauder Bucks and Where can I use Them?

Marauder Bucks can be used at both cafeterias, MC2, and Concessions at on-campus sporting events in the McDowall Activity Center (MAC). These amounts are valid for the term that you have purchased a meal plan and expire at the end of the semester.


What Happens When I Have Spent all of the Marauder Bucks on My Meal Plan?

You can deposit money in the debit card for Universal Bucks and that money will carry forward as long as you are enrolled or employed at the University of Mary. Remember, Marauder Bucks expire at the end of the semester!


Mcard Contact Information

The Student Development Office is located on the main level of the Benedictine Center, Room 1503 (701) 355-8265