Department of Education Undergraduate Web Page

Welcome to the University of Mary Department of Education web page.  On this web page under the Bookmarks section are web links to online practicum and student teaching evaluation forms and under the Handouts section are documents that provide information about the Division of Education.  If you have any questions or request additional information please email any of the faculty members in the Division of Education.
Rod Jonas, Ph.D. (Professor) - Dean, School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Carmelita Lamb, Ph.D. (Associate Professor) - Associate Dean    cla m b
Brenda Tufte, Ph.D. (Associate Professor) - Chair, Graduate Education -
Kim Marman, MEd. (Assistant Professor) - Chair, Department of Education-
Loni Miller, MEd. (Assistant Professor) - Elementary Ed Program Director -
Carmen Cain, M.Ed. (Instructor)- Emerging Leaders Academy Director-
Jaylia Prussing  (Assistant Professor)  Special Education Program Director -
Wade Kooiman (Assistant Professor) PE, Coaching & Sports Science, & Education Assessment Program Director-
Janet Bassingthwaite (Instructor) Early Childhood Education -

Meghan Salyers  (Assistant Professor) Student Teaching Program Director  

Michael Taylor (Associate Professor)- School Administration Program Coordinator-

Michelle DeGraw (Administrative Assistant ) School of Education and Behaviorial Science


Cooperating Teacher or Practicum Teacher Interest Form
Student Evaluation Forms
(Completed by Student Teacher or Practicum Student)